Thursday, May 26, 2022

Chaplain's Corner By Bro. Jerome C. Carroll

"Follow peace with all men…….” Hebrews 12:14


Brothers, we are living in a time where peace is at a premium in our world. This is not earth-shattering news or a new development. However, consider on a global scale the devastating consequences of the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine, On the domestic front,  the bitter attacks and divisive remarks by politicians to prevent the confirmation of the first Black female judge (Ketanji Brown Jackson) to the United States Supreme Court, locally the killing of an innocent landlord just blocks away from the Alpha house, or within our fraternity family, the murder of the sibling of one of our own fraternity brothers. We all directly and indirectly feel the fleeting presence of peace.


What is peace? Biblically, peace is defined as Shalom (nothing missing, and nothing broken), Merriam-Webster dictionary provides a comprehensive definition of peace such as 1. Freedom from disturbance, tranquility, 2. The absence of war, 3. A ceremonial handshake or kiss during some church services. I would like to define peace in one word, Restoration. When we grip each other are we not saying, “peace, and may all be well with you”?


Brothers, as Alpha men we must follow (pursue, make every effort, work at) living in peace with all men so that peace can emanate in our world and in our society. Our individual state of peace is not dependent upon another, but can help bring restoration to the lives of others. Remember:


“Character and temperament change under my dominant power.

Lives, once touched by me become tuned,

and are thereafter, amiable, kindly, fraternal.”


What steps do you need to take today to abide in peace in order to be the change?

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