Tuesday, October 25, 2022

St Jude Walk/Run

On Saturday, September 24th, 2022, members of the Epsilon Lambda Chapter participated in an early morning walk/run fundraiser hosted by the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This annual fundraising event raises money for St. Jude as they serve children who are fighting serious illnesses, including cancer. Chapter President Brother Michael Ferrer and St. Jude Area Executive Director, Lathon Ferguson led the chapter in the fundraising effort and Alpha’s participation in the event.

Community Art Fair

During the second weekend of September 2022, members of the Epsilon Lambda and Alpha Eta Chapters took part in a community event in support of the St. Louis County Art Fair. This is the second year that Epsilon Lambda and the first year that Alpha Eta has participated in this event. Proceeds from beverage sales will help fund the program operations of both chapters for the coming year.

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Clayco Awards The Village Mentoring Program


Brother Kenan D. Morrison displaying his award from the Clayco Juneteenth Celebration

The Clayco Foundation held its second annual Juneteenth Ceremony at the Fulton Market East in Chicago, Illinois. At this event, several organizations received grants for their tireless efforts on the front lines to lift up our communities. One of those recipients was The Village mentoring program. The organization's founder and CEO is Brother Kenan D. Morrison. In his acceptance speech, Brother Morrison mentioned that this mission of his is a result of his family structure. He also expressed the importance of making sure that the youth in the organization get as many life experiences as possible to help expand their scope in order to prepare them for what they want to do in society.

The Village is partnered with the Epsilon Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated’s Alpha Mentoring Program. The Epsilon Lambda Charitable Foundation has sponsored the food for the young men along with the S.T.E.M. Program. The Village meets twice a month to engage in various educational activities. The Epsilon Lambda Charitable Foundation has also provided their house as a learning facility to implement The Village’s education curriculum.

Softball Tournament 2022


Brothers of Epsilon Lambda holding the proceeds after winning the tournament

The Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity - Epsilon Lambda Chapter won the annual softball tournament. They defeated the Masons along with all of the other Black Greek Letter fraternities in the St. Louis area! The softball tournament also hosted a canned food drive. Proceeds from the food drive went to the Centennial Christian Church's food pantry.

Sunday, June 5, 2022

A Message From Our President-Bro. Dwight T. Pollard

 Greetings Brothers, 

While reflecting on the chapter activities and events held during the later part of the 2021 year such as the Foundation Thanksgiving Turkey/Food drive, winning the Charles H. Wesley Award with The Alpha Eta Collegiate chapter at our District Convention, and our charter/founder’s day celebration weekend. I must say that brothers continued to embrace the overall vision of the Epsilon Lambda chapter which includes reclaiming brothers, raising revenue for both the chapter and foundation through our fundraising, grant writing efforts, and serving our local community by supporting our youth and families through food drives and Alpha Mentoring program with the partnership of The Village lead by our Alpha Brother Kennan Morrison. 

The overall success of our hard work and commitment collectively have enabled the chapter to successfully transition into the first five months of our 2022 year. 

In January 2022, the chapter partnered with Centennial Christian Church, Washington Montessori School, Fountaine Park community, and other local organizations to plan and execute the fourth annual MLK celebration which included a Commemorate Services, community March, COVID - 19 testing, and giving of PPE equipment to the Fountaine Park community and distributing over 50 bags of goodies and gift cards of appreciation to the teachers at Washington Montessori school. Due to the adverse weather and the resurgence of COVID, some of the planned MLK programs including a community forum and a Freedom Ride trip to visit black history museums in Memphis, Tennessee were postponed. However, through determination and commitment, the remainder of the program was completed. 

In February 2022, while hosting a Super Bowl party at Hot Java Bar and Grill, we solicited donations from the guests to support the Ora Lee Smith Foundation Cancer Research which is an ongoing effort supported by the local, district, regional and national components of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. 

The month of March 2022 included: Hosting our second successful annual HBCU College Tour ( Virtual) with the participation of 7 colleges, registration of over 60 students with 40 plus students in attendance, and a dedicated committee of chapter brothers. We also held our first virtual voter registration where we helped St. Louis residents register to vote as well as learn about what their sample ballot consisted of. We also held our Spring IMDP and initiated twelve new brothers into the Epsilon Lambda chapter. 

In April 2022, we had our first chapter meeting in person and virtual ( hybrid) which included guest speakers Ericka Sanders and Percy Baldwin from Big Brother Big Sisters of America ( STL). The nomination for new chapter officers ( 2022-23 years) was also held during the meeting. Epsilon Lambda chapter Neophyte presentation for the twelve new initiates was held at Westview Middle school. Special thanks to our Brother and Principal of Westview Middle

school Dominic Lenoir for allowing us to use the facility to host the presentation and the IMDP team for their hard work throughout the overall process. The month of April ended with over 30 chapter brothers registering and attending the 90th Midwestern Regional convention held in Kansas City, Missouri. A great time of meetings and fellowship included a special dinner held for the chapter members during the convention. 

The Alpha train moved into May 2022 with full speed ahead with the kick-off of our second in-person Gateway Derby Party in partnership with Delta Epsilon Lambda held at the Chase Plaza Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri. This was an elegant evening with over 500 guests in attendance. Special thanks to the Derby committee for their hard work and commitment to excellence. 

The chapter voting of new officers took place in May of 2022. Let’s continue to make this chapter's plans/vision a reality and move to the next level! 

We are looking forward to the next half of this year's work of Alpha! 

Dwight T Pollard- President

S.T.E.M.,Time Mangagement & Heru Urban Gardening


Heru talks gardening lessons with the youth

Time Management Lesson led by Bro. Darius Washington

STEM Education being led by Tera Roberts

The Village/Alpha Mentoring Program started at the house with the younger boys continuing their STEM Education program led by Tera Roberts. The older boys were doing an activity on the importance of time management which was actually led by one of the Alpha Eta Brothers, Darius Washington. Later in the afternoon, they went to Heru’s Urban Gardening Farm in the North County Area of St. Louis, MO where we helped to plant the crops in the beds as well as deliver the crops in barrels. We helped spread leaf mulch on the walking paths of vegetable beds to suppress weeds and saturate the water.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Chaplain's Corner By Bro. Jerome C. Carroll

"Follow peace with all men…….” Hebrews 12:14


Brothers, we are living in a time where peace is at a premium in our world. This is not earth-shattering news or a new development. However, consider on a global scale the devastating consequences of the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine, On the domestic front,  the bitter attacks and divisive remarks by politicians to prevent the confirmation of the first Black female judge (Ketanji Brown Jackson) to the United States Supreme Court, locally the killing of an innocent landlord just blocks away from the Alpha house, or within our fraternity family, the murder of the sibling of one of our own fraternity brothers. We all directly and indirectly feel the fleeting presence of peace.


What is peace? Biblically, peace is defined as Shalom (nothing missing, and nothing broken), Merriam-Webster dictionary provides a comprehensive definition of peace such as 1. Freedom from disturbance, tranquility, 2. The absence of war, 3. A ceremonial handshake or kiss during some church services. I would like to define peace in one word, Restoration. When we grip each other are we not saying, “peace, and may all be well with you”?


Brothers, as Alpha men we must follow (pursue, make every effort, work at) living in peace with all men so that peace can emanate in our world and in our society. Our individual state of peace is not dependent upon another, but can help bring restoration to the lives of others. Remember:


“Character and temperament change under my dominant power.

Lives, once touched by me become tuned,

and are thereafter, amiable, kindly, fraternal.”


What steps do you need to take today to abide in peace in order to be the change?

St Jude Walk/Run

On Saturday, September 24th, 2022, members of the Epsilon Lambda Chapter participated in an early morning walk/run fundraiser hosted by ...